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Contract and specialist cleaning services designed for seamless integration with your business

Professional Cleaning Services for Commercial and Public Environments across Norwich

Every day, our team of highly trained cleaning operatives here at Capricorn Cleaners deliver a range of professional cleaning solutions to private and public spaces across Norfolk. From large offices with multiple locations, to single premises, no matter what the size, we have the skills, training and expertise to leave your working space clean and fresh every time.

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Our Health & Safety Policies

At Capricorn Cleaners, we pride ourselves on our cohesion to health and safety within the working environment as well as best practice for our services in any operating sector. With a background in Health and Safety training, you can be assured of best practice at all times.

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Setting the standards high

Here at Capricorn Cleaners, we set high standards of cleanliness. All our cleaning operatives undergo a full quality management process, which includes best working practices along with correct procedures and understanding of all our consumables.

Capricorn Cleaners methods for monitoring and managing cleaning standards are always of the highest order. We believe that our cleaning methodology, with its proven efficiency, ensure we provide a first-class service to all our customers.

High standards & attention to detail

At Capricorn Cleaners, its not clean if you can still see dirt. We clean everything to make sure that when we have finished, it truly is clean.

Fully accredited and compliant for every eventuality

As a company that frequently operates in potentially hazardous environments, it is understandable that at Capricorn Cleaners we place health and safety at the centre of all our operations. The health and well-being of our cleaning operatives, staff members, our customers and the general public is of paramount importance. Keeping your working environment clean and safe is something we take pride in.

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We provide

Quality service

If you’re looking to create a clean and hygienic workplace for your staff, look no further than Capricorn Cleaners. We provide a comprehensive range of cleaning services across a wide range of commercial sectors. Whether you are looking for general desk and floor cleaning or need window and washroom cleaning, our cleaning operatives will leave your workplace in pristine condition. On top of our cleaning services, we are also able to offer cleaning out siode the premises including small amounts of garden maintenance. For any of your queries, contact Capricorn Cleaners today.

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